11 Clear Signs You’ve Found Your Future Husband- by Salma 


Before finding the right guy to settle down with, you’ll probably go on more than a few dates with men who seem to have potential. But after really getting to know them, they turn out to be duds just like the rest. If you’ve been in many failed relationships, it may start to become harder to really recognize when the guy standing in front of you is “The One” or not.

We can’t help you find the man of your dreams, but we can give you a little bit of advice on all the signs you should look for that will help you determine if he’s a keeper or not.

When you’re truly and deeply in love with someone, it’s impossible to imagine the rest of your life without being by that person’s side, sharing your experiences and happiness with each other.

But here’s the catch: how do you know if you’re truly in love with someone? How do you know if you’re really meant to spend the rest of your lives together?

How do you know if you’ve really found the man you should marry and stay with for the rest of your life?


Well, you can’t know for certain. No one can. But what you can do is read the signs and decide whether he’s the right man to pledge your heart to for the rest of your lives.

So here are the 11  signs that you’ve found the man you were meant to be with, the man who’s meant to become your husband:

1. You Can Be Yourself Around Him


We’ve all been in relationships with guys who we’re not totally comfortable around. Guys who we feel like we have to “perform” or be “on” in front of in order to make the relationship work.

Your future husband won’t care whether you’re “on” or not on any given day. He’ll love you for who you are – when you’re just being yourself and not putting on any kind of show – and he won’t ever want to let that person go.

2. You Have the Same Values


When it comes to getting married, it’s important to know that you and your future husband are on the same page when it comes to the bigger issues in life. As time goes on, the two of you should really take the time to sit down and discuss how many children you want to have, where you plan on raising your family, and any other important issues that may come up at some point in your relationship.

If the two of you are on the same page and you have the same ideas and the same values, he’s definitely your future husband. If the two of you can agree on the things that are the most important to you, it doesn’t necessarily mean your marriage will be perfect, but it will definitely make life as a married couple a little bit easier in the long run.

3 . Your Romantic Ideas Are Compatible


Some people think that delivery or serving a breakfast in bed is the height of romance. Others go the whole 1 hour moonlit walks on the beach and flowers.

Whatever your ideas about romance are, he’s tapped into them and feels the same way. Even going to the provisions store with each other can be romantic if you’re both on the same wavelength.

We all need our own space from time to time, and I am pretty sure you have been in a couple relationships where you couldn’t wait to get away from your guy after a weekend together. It wasn’t that there was anything particularly wrong with him, you just wanted to escape his apartment and get back to living your own life.

But when you are dating someone who is your future husband, time apart will be dreadful.You will prefer to spend all of your free time with him, even though you know it is not healthy to be together 24/7. When you do have to venture out into the real world without him by your side, he will be the only thing that you are thinking of. Being able to spend a lot of time with him is a pretty clear sign that he’s the one for you!

4. After Terrible Days You Just Want To Be With Him


Even if you’re in the worst mood in the world, being with him is better than being alone.

He’s there to listen to you when you have something you need to get off your chest, and to really listen and grasp the meaning of what you’re trying to say. He’ll always respond honestly, and knows what to say to make you feel better..

5. He Really Listens To What You Have To Say


He doesn’t just respond “Uh huh…” or “Yeah…” when you’re talking to him – he really pays attention and thinks about what you’re telling him.

He can hear what you’re really trying to tell him, even if you’re talking about something different, and can communicate with you clearly, effectively, and empathetically. You don’t have to explain yourself with him – he just knows.

When a guy is in love with you and he sees a future with you, you will be the first person on his mind at all hours of the day. Immediately when he wakes up, you will be the first to receive a “good morning” text message. And before he goes to bed, you’re the last voice he wants to hear. Whether something good or bad is happening in his life, he will always pick up the phone to share the news with you. You’re basically the only contact that shows up in his cell phone call log.
If this sounds like your guy, then it’s time that you realize that he’s the one for you. A guy who isn’t afraid to share all the good and the dirty details about his life not only is showing you his awesome communication skills, but he’s also letting you know just how important you are to him. We guarantee wedding bells will be ringing before you even know it!

6. He Sacrifices


When a man is really serious about being in a relationship with you, he will not hesitate to make some pretty important sacrifices for you. It could be something as huge as relocating to your city so he can be closer to you, or something small like deactivating his Snapchat account because he knows it makes you ragey when random girls send him pictures.

A guy who is your future husband is looking at the long term potential of your relationship, so he will actively make positive steps in the right direction to make your relationship a breeze.

Making sacrifices is something that comes naturally to him because he wants to do whatever is needed to make you happy and to make your relationship work out. Compromising and making sacrifices is a huge part of being married so hopefully, you are open and willing to make sacrifices for him, too!.

You know you’ve found someone truly special when they’re not just willing, but eager to sacrifice a little bit of their own happiness if it means making you happy.

Finding the person who genuinely takes joy from your happiness is one of the greatest things in life. And what makes it even better is when you are also able to take joy from their happiness, and give to each other selflessly and without restraint.


7. You Want To Share Your Whole Life With Them

11 Things Happy Couples Don't Do

Every time you think about what’s going to happen in the future, and how the rest of your life is going to play out, your partner is always

there, supporting and encouraging you, even in your daydreams.

If something happens to you during your day, big or small, your first thought is of sharing it with him.

8. The Magnetism And Attraction Between You Is Undeniable


The two of you are just locked in with each other on every level. You’re attracted to each other physically, and emotionally and mentally you’re always on the same plane.

You felt the chemistry brewing from the first time you met, and when you’re with him, the magnetic attraction between you can’t be ignored.

9. The Really Good Times Outweigh The Bad

You express love and desire for each other way more than you wind up fighting. In fact, when you fight, both of you try to get to the root of the matter so that you can go back to loving each other as quickly as possible.

Fights aren’t about hurting each other, they’re about expressing yourselves and solving problems together. No matter what, you just can’t stay mad at each other.

10. He Loves You For Exactly Who You Are


So what if you don’t keep things as tidy at home as he does? He loves you anyway.

He doesn’t let personal peccadillo and quirks get in the way of the love he has for you, in fact he relishes those differences… because he knows that’s the good stuff.

He’s proud, proud to be with you, proud to be in love with you, and proud that you’re in love with him – and he wears that pride and happiness on his sleeve all day.

11. He Makes You Feel Safe


Being with the wrong guy in the wrong relationship is definitely a horrible feeling. It can make you feel on edge, paranoid, suspicious and a little bit crazy. You may always believe that he’s stepping out on you, you will feel guarded with your emotions, and just being in his presence will really stress you out. But once you meet the right guy, being with him will make you feel safe.

You will feel calm, at ease and comfortable with him at all times.
After a long day at work or school, you can’t wait to go home and plop down next to him on the couch because being with him is your happy place. Even if the two of you are just sitting there staring at the television, there’s no one else you would much rather sit in silence with. You know that he would never betray you and he has never given you a reason to not trust him. Congratulations, girl, this guy is definitely your future husband!

Complied by Auntie Salma



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