Letter to the Murids of Shaykh Ahmad Muhammad AlTijani (Rta) 

In the name of Allah the most gracious the most merciful, glory be unto Allah the giver of life and donor of everything and May the beautiful prayers of Allah be upon his beloved Rasool’Allah s.a.w.

Todays murid thinks just by loving a shaykh they get whatever they need or desire from Allah or they relax thinking their shaykh is enough to give them whatever they need or want from Allah. This makes them lazy and weak in seeking for Allah and striving hard in the path of Allah.

Remember your shaykh can’t benefit you with a thing unless you follow his path and emulate him in the path. In suratul luqman verse 15 Allah said,

و اتبع سبيل من أناب إلي

And follow the path of those who turns to me.

Just by following him, you will also get what Allah has decreed for you according to your efforts.
Allah the most great is the giver and he alone deny and the one responsible for sharing or distributing what Allah has donated is our Master Rasool’Allah s.a.w. just as he said

” أبا قاسم والله معط.
I am the distributor and Allah is the donor.

Also the realities of our Prophet has many vicegerents in every era and nothing gets to creations except through them, their sake, their presence or even their honor.

But then the most important thing is for you to have your name of the list of the beneficiaries. Let me give you an example, In KNUST we have what we call KBN where students are given some free amount of money, before you get the free money you must get your name on the list. If only your name is on the list then you shall get your share.

So if a servant or murdi has a portion of Allah’s love in his heart and does what pleases Allah, his name maybe put on the list and he shall get what Allah has decreed for him to get but if a murid do not engage in any activity that will make his lord be satisfied with him then he has nothing to benefit in his world and hereafter.
Prophet yussuf a.s. said to his brothers,

معاذ الله ان نأخذ الا من وجدنا متاعنا عنده.

May Allah protect us to seize except whom we find our property with.
Therefore I advise my poor self and I advise my honorable fellow murids to Fear Allah in hidden and open and also not only just relax and claim they love shaykh but work hard and strive hard in their path so that at the end we will all be successful. May Allah give us Allah.

~  Slave of shaykh Ibrahim Niasse Rta.

      (Abdul Waduud Wadman)


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